Monday, August 26, 2013

It Must Be Raining Somewhere.....

     An elderly woman way over dressed for a neighborhood stroll approached from the opposite side of the street. She stopped and called out, "It's a beautiful day, isn't it?"

     "It certainly is!" I yelled back.

     She pointed to the sky behind me. "Can you see the rainbow? Look!"

     I looked. I stretched and strained, but I couldn't see the rainbow. I looked back at her, puzzled.

     "Come over here so you can see it."

     As I reached her and turned around, there in the middle of a cloud speckled, perfectly blue sky was a rainbow attached to a single, small, dark cloud. We stood silently side by side, marveling at the majestic arc painted in bold hues.

     Finally, she said, "Well, it must be raining somewhere," then thanked me for enjoying the moment with her, before we parted ways.

     I don't ever want to forget that it must be raining somewhere. No matter how good life is going for me and those I love, I want to remember those caught in the storms of life and be to them like the woman who pointed out the rainbow of God's promise to me.

     We have the choice to revel in the blue skies, or to walk into the rain to offer an umbrella of hope to someone stuck in the storm. How will you choose?