Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hi. Want To Be Friends?

     "Hi. Want to be friends?" she asked sweetly. In line behind me at the drinking fountain, a beautiful blonde fourth grader awaited my reply. The school year was rapidly drawing to a close, and the next fall we would be in the same class.

     I asked her name and said we could be friends. Julie was sweet and fun, and I looked forward to knowing her better. I had no idea at that moment what I was agreeing to. We were 10, but the shared experiences of the next few years would bond us together for life.

Julie, Angela, Grace, and I at JR High camp on Mt Palomar,CA

    We camped and field tripped together, played games for hours on end, building a repertoire of fun times upon which to draw for entertainment. Our bond tight, and our friendship blossoming, we grew up.

    Julie, Angela, Anna, and I. Grace joined us her seventh grade year, and was a perfect fit. Each of us offered a special strength that ministered to any one of us in difficulty. Through divorces, moves, and other traumatic events, we were there for each other.

     As life sped on and one by one we moved away, a few of us managed to maintain contact. We pray for each other, and our bond has only strengthened over time. It is amazing to me that God brings people into contact with one another to be a lifelong blessing. No matter how much time passes between meetings, they can pick right up where they left off.

     Tomorrow, thanks to my amazingly generous husband, I will be reunited with them in San Diego. The memories that lie ahead for us to make are one more chapter in this great friendship.

     There are few things in this life worth as much as a good friendship. What are your experiences with faraway friends?




  1. Wow, how fun! I will be seeing an old friend in a week or so that I haven't really spent time with since high school, 40 years ago. Some friendships never die - they just pick up where they left off no matter how many years it's been.

  2. Thanks, Jan! I hope you two have so much fun!