Saturday, December 29, 2012

King Tut

     I love Ancient Egyptian history, and have always wished to see King Tut. The story of his life unearthed by the discovery of his tomb has fascinated me since girlhood. Though the actual mummy remains in Egypt, a replica was available for viewing, as well as many authentic artifacts from archaeological excavations of Egyptian royal tombs.

        It's amazing to think that it is possible the stone figures before me witnessed Joseph's time of service in the house of Pharaoh and the childhood of Moses, who had been adopted and raised by an Egyptian princess. If not, they still have existed for thousands of years, with keys to the past locked in their stony stares. If only they could talk! (story Genesis 37-50)

      I wonder.....Did Moses gaze upon some of the exhibit objects in his dealings with the Pharaoh? Were they in the palace while Moses pleaded for his people's freedom? As I stood under the remnant of the Colossal Statue of Amenhotep, I pondered the possibility that Moses had seen the same statue fully intact and in its prime. Even if he didn't, standing before the striking stone figures transported me back in time.

     I wondered about God's Hebrew people who had been welcomed into the strange new land of Egypt, and then later enslaved by those in authority. Were they living among these artifacts? Did the Israelites help build any of the tombs that encased these ancient treasures? (Moses in Egypt, Exodus 1-14)

     The hieroglyphs that have been deciphered give some clues to the beliefs and culture of these fascinating people. One pharaoh was monotheistic. What changed his mind about polytheism? I would love to know if it had anything to do with the Exodus of the Hebrews.

     The ancient Egyptians painstakingly preserved their culture in tombs, like well protected time capsules. I wish I could have taken photos for you, but photography was not allowed in the exhibit. You can click this link to see some of the artifacts.

     Do you like archeology? Does it ever make you wonder about the people who lived in another time?



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