Saturday, April 7, 2012

Unexpected Treasure


     My antique upright piano is the focal point of the living room. I don't play much anymore, so it has become the backdrop for my family photos, and I love that such a sweet piece of my history now showcases my future. Twenty Five years ago, a dear woman passed away and left the piano to me so that I could continue to play.

     Mary was a neighbor of my grandmother's and was in her late eighties. She graciously allowed me to practice in her basement several days a week since I didn't own a piano. In turn, I helped her with yard work and picked the berries in her garden. Though I sometimes had to muddle through chores I wasn't in the mood to do, those are now treasured memories.
     When she passed, she informed her family that I was to have her piano. I enjoy having that special piece of Mary's history that has now become mine, and I love that I can sit on that bench and be transported back to my childhood with Mary beside me helping me to find all the right keys as I painstakingly hammered out each song.

    Yesterday, while searching for a gift for my friend who adores all things vintage, I opened the piano bench.  I don't often open that bench where the music is stored, unless I plan to struggle through a piece I once played. Most of the music belonged to Mary, so some it is close to one hundred years old.

     As I pulled the music out piece by piece, I marveled at the excellent condition most of it was in. There were choir schedules and notes from the prime of her singing days. I realized how much she loved playing and singing music, and for a little while I could see her on the many stages she graced.

     More than once, I considered getting rid of the music inside. It was over my head and I figured I would never learn to play well enough to use her books. I always enjoyed listening to her play those complicated songs, and longed for the day when I could play them too. Though that day has never come, I now treasure this time capsule that serves as a daily reminder from Mary to make time for what I love.


  1. You are never, ever to old to learn to play a favorite piece of music! You will find as your children grow older and find other things to do, your piano will continue to sit and be the focal point of your living room, knowing that someday you will have the time to learn that piece you always wanted to learn. Music has been a part of my life since I was three years old. I learned to play several instruments and traveled with a drum and bugle corp all over the United States. I have my grandmother's organ, and like you do not play. However, when I am ready to play, it is there waiting, just like your piano is waiting for you. Just remember, you are NEVER to old to learn!
    Always, Aunt Katrina

  2. Aunt Katrina, Thank you! That is a wonderful sentiment.