Saturday, September 29, 2012

Walks of Blessings

   "Really? You are walking all that way by yourself?" I asked my daughter's little friend.

    "Yep. I do every day. I'm used to it." She replied with a proud smile.

     How had I missed this? How did I not notice that this tiny little first grader was walking alone?

     For one thing, I am a little slow: I don't pick up on hints right away or make keen observations. God often has to set something right in front of my face multiple times before I understand the task he is asking me to do. It's like he was saying to me, "Amy, this little girl needs to be walked home."

     "Okay, I will walk her," my thoughts replied. I really didn't think I could make the time (20 minutes a day) to take on the responsibility. The next day, I asked her, "Are you walking home alone?"

     "Yep, but it's okay," she said. I knew what I should do, and I mustered up a good attitude as I walked her home again and again, questions now floating through my mind. What is going on here? Something seemed amiss. Something wasn't right. What was it?

     Within weeks, I knew that her mom had cancer, and was desperately sick from treatment. Her older siblings were taking care of the preschoolers at home. Dad was working two full time jobs. Suddenly ashamed of myself for not simply obeying, I THANKED God for the opportunity to help this family by walking their little girl home.

     When I met her older sister, I sensed the stress that encompassed the family. They were all so appreciative. That was a year ago, and now we walk with her and her younger sister. We love them and they love us. We make up games and play them on the way home, and they make me laugh every day. Yesterday, these two girls invited some kids on the sidewalk to my house for a girl party. Our family has been infinitely blessed by getting to know these twenty minutes a day.

     I have passed up and missed many opportunities to reach out to people in the love of Jesus, but the next time God puts a job in front of me, I think I will more quickly obey without questioning.

     "Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers." Galatians 6:10

     Have you ever begrudgingly started a task, only to realize later what a blessing it was?

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