Monday, January 14, 2013

Spiritual Realignment

     Snap. Pop. Crunch. Being realigned is no least for me. Someone digging their knees into your back trying to put your spine in place. No thank you. Once in painful desperation, I begged to have it done. The benefit wound up being worth the discomfort.

     But this is no chiropractor. I am in the Spiritual Realignment Office, and boy have I been adjusted. I didn't even ask for it. They just grabbed me out of the waiting room and went to work. Seriously.

     During a phone conversation, my friend blurted out "You are off somewhere. You need to get back on track. You should start by getting right with God."

     Really? Oh my gosh, how rude! I managed to maintain enough civility to politely continue the discussion, the whole while choking down my anger, lest it jump out and do irreparable damage. After the conversation, all I could do was think about what she'd said. Who does she think she is anyway?

     The more I stewed about it, and prayed, the more I realized she was right. The next logical question: How the heck did she know? My problems weren't totally obvious through the mask I wore. Only in listening to me and hearing my heart as I bared it to her, did she realize I was off. Way off actually. I could feel it. Deep down I knew, but I didn't have to look at it as long as no one else could see it.

     God knew my pain and heard my prayers, and mercifully helped me step forward toward Him.

     That little bit of reprimand put me on the road to recovery in my walk with God. I had put Him on the back burner, and life wasn't working very well for me. I didn't even know how to fix it when I began to see the point my friend was making. I started filling my life with more God, and more God honoring things, chucking stuff that didn't belong.

     Life can never be perfect. I fail at least as often as I succeed. Though still I stumble, and sometimes fall, I continue that pursuit of God and knowing who He is. Just like a spine is uncomfortable when it's out of alignment, so is spiritual life uncomfortable when something is amiss. That discomfort is the gauge I use now, and of course, people who lovingly show me where I am wrong.

     For this command is a lamp, this teaching is a light, and correction and instruction are the way to life,     ~ Proverbs 6:23

     Am I the only one? Have you been corrected about your spiritual alignment?



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