Sunday, January 6, 2013

Oregon Trail

     What do you get when you take a little girl to the craft store to let her pick out some necessities for the Oregon Trail? A very well outfitted wagon, complete with several items one might need (and some they don't) to brave the long trek west.

      This was my third Oregon Trail Wagon project, so naturally, I went into it thinking I knew what I was in for. One thing--my other two projects were with boys. Funny how differently they outfitted their wagons. They did a great job, but theirs were rugged, having little or no frills, more tools and practical things for the trip.

     My daughter's wagon is padded with pillows and blankets, contains several children and their parents, and a clothesline holding Barbie clothes stretches across the back of it. Each character in the wagon has a personality, chores, and role in the family. She was so busy coming up with their story that I had to remind her to work on the actual wagon.

     I wish I had been blogging when my boys did their wagons. It would have been fun!

     What is a memorable project you have worked on with your kids?

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