Friday, June 29, 2012

Tassles of Inspiration

     They came from every walk of life, each with their own reason for the pursuit. With incredible determination they cleared the hurdles that lie before them -- language barriers, age, environmental factors, drug abuse, illness, and child rearing--all things that led to dropping out of high school.


     Perhaps the most damaging hurdle to overcome was their own self doubt. They labeled themselves. Society labeled them. But tonight, they conquered. Each of them had returned to school to earn a GED, most with plans to continue with a college education, all with a resolve to better themselves. They were here to prove something.

     Rewarded with a strong sense of accomplishment, confidence, and self-worth, this unlikely mix of graduates is ready to tackle their future. New opportunities spread before them like a red carpet ready to welcome movie stars. Already it has been easier for them to find employment and apply for higher education.

     Cheering them on from the sidelines, their families burst with pride. Tears flowed and cheers whooped. You knew that those loved ones walked that tough road with their graduate, and now enjoyed the celebration of completion and redemption. 

     Sometimes all people need is a shot of hope and someone who will walk with them toward their dream.

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