Friday, June 8, 2012

What's Your Perspective?


      I can have a pretty shallow understanding of the world around me. I don't get why certain people behave in ways that cause grief and tension for those around them.

     I question (in my mind) why? Why aren't they.....? What are they.....? Don't they know......? I can't believe she...... The problem is that I don't always leave room in my own heart and mind for others to fall short of my own expectations. It's hard to slow down long enough to recognize the deeper need begging to be filled, and placed right in front of my face by a God wanting me to express His love to a hurting soul. No one wants to be in a desperate state of need. Most are just trying to get through their inner turmoil, leading them to perform at a lower standard than they normally would.

     It seems that anytime I fall into the judgment trap, I get knocked upside the head with the answers to my questions or I find myself in a similar predicament as the one I'm critical of. Then I feel sheepish and ashamed of my critical thoughts and lack of compassion. You would think it would eventually sink in, but no, it keeps happening. Apparently I am a slow learner.

     All around us are burned out, dried up, withered souls fighting to survive circumstances beyond their control. When I open my eyes and heart just a little bit, I see the bigger picture of suffering. The inner critic gives way to compassion. What I have been considering lately is this: "Who else but us? Who will be there to catch them when they fall? Who can they count on when they are hurting? Who will Love them? Who can they go to? Will it be us? Or will we stand there wondering why they can't get it together?

     The pace of life often doesn't allow for inconvenient interruptions, or for people to (gasp!) need me for any length of time. But when I stop and look around at what I CAN do, it is a huge blessing for me to carry it out.

Galations 6:2 "Carry each other's burdens,and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ."


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