Sunday, November 25, 2012

Crunch Time

     As the sun sets on 2012, I am starting to sweat. It's like the night before a huge test I didn't study for. The adrenaline is high, pulse fast. At stake? New Year's Resolutions.

     Last year, all of them had been fulfilled by now. Is it too late to file an extension?

     I used to think New Year's Resolutions were ridiculous expectations placed on yourself to become something you can't, and then feeling disappointed and guilty when you failed to comply. But I have changed my mind. Keeping them to simple self improvements and within reason, has helped me step toward being a better person.

     This year, I had planned on reading through the Bible. I think I am close to half way, so this one may be redeemable.

     I was going to read every unread book I own before I would allow myself to buy more. I didn't and I bought more books.

     Organizing my home and streamlining my life has also eluded me, though progress has been made, and I continue working at it.

     So, before I change my resolutions to~watch more tv, ground the kids more often, gain 10 pounds~ I think I will take a deep breath, let go of this year's resolutions, and make the same ones next year.

     Forgiving yourself and accepting your short comings is vital to maintaining a hopeful, positive outlook. It gives you the motivation to keep trying.

     Do you make New Year's Resolutions? If so, do you ever have trouble keeping them?

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