Friday, November 2, 2012

I'm Speechless.....

     Literally. My voice just up and left. Sure, I knew for a day or two that something wasn't quite right, but mostly I was blindsided. Halloween night, I really noticed the strain. I called after the kids to slow down and my voice would crack, refusing to finish the words I'd intended.

     All the arguing and pleading in the world would not make my voice react in appropriate fashion. It's like suddenly there was nothing left she wanted to say.

     I don't even remember the last time I lost my voice, but it's been quite a while. Squeaking out a few painful words today is all I can muster. It is time to just be quiet, and enjoy the peace of these couple of days before life returns to normal.

"He leads me beside quiet waters. He restores my soul....."Psalm 23:2-3

      Because I am thankful for my illness, here is a list of the blessings that came with losing my voice:
  •  The kids and I have been whispering to one another, requiring us to actually walk up and speak softly to whomever we wish to communicate
  •  Two days off work, with nothing to do but sleep and rest
  •  My awesome husband is picking up my slack with the kids and the housework
  •  This time of quiet has greatly decreased my anxiety
  •  I have had plenty of time to read
     When have you been thankful for an illness?



  1. Sometimes we need a serious kick in the butt don't we? :)