Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Veteran's Day!

Veteran's Day Party for our service men.....Great fun!
     It's Veteran's Day, and in light of last week's election I have been contemplating the incredible, selfless sacrifice of so many servicemen and women that fought and continue to fight for our freedom and rights.

Allen: USMC

      Because of this, we are able to vote, and to cast our ballots however and for whomever we choose. We enjoy freedom of speech, when much of the world does not. We have the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and The Bill of Rights ensuring our freedoms will not easily be lost.

     These men and women leave their families so that we can stay with ours, responding to the call of duty with determination and purpose. Whether on peacekeeping missions or at war, our armed services have the best interests of the US and her allies at heart. 

     They go to make the world a better place for their children and for ours, chasing the ever elusive dream of peace on earth. No matter how difficult the challenge, they haven't thrown in the towel. They continue to fight.....for us, for their families, for our nation, and against the ever increasing threats to peace.

John: US Army

     Take a moment today to thank a veteran. Think about how much you value your rights, and what those rights cost. They deserve our gratitude and respect. 
Steve: US Army Reserve, Skip: US Air Force, Scott: USMC, US Army Reserve



  1. So true. What great, fun pictures! Looks like a party!

  2. Thank you, Jess! It was a great party, the first Veteran's Day Party we've had, but probably not the last :)